Never Will

Over the time of this program I have to learn how to take the word will out of my vocabulary. I know it is tough but that is something I need to focus on and continue always. Will provides a certain amount of uncertainty that I am just not going to accept anymore just have […]

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Week 17 no pressure

You have to think you are the best in order to achieve your true potential and not give up. Sometimes it is very easy to do so and it is on ourselves to be accountable and not let obstacles get in the way. I think OG mentions that in the book. The book mentions thinking […]

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WEEK 15 Nature and kindness

OG Mandino wrote an interesting book years ago and it still rings true today. It is a very interesting book where a lot of what is there still rings true today. It shows us that we are a lot better than we think we are if we change our mindset and believe in ourselves. The […]

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