Movie trailer

Movie trailers are always fun, only in fantasy land though LOL. I often associate movie trailers with entertainment but never people envisioning what their lives will be like 5 years from now, 10 years from now and so on. People often do no envision their lives like that, people often think that lives day by […]

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Ups and Downs Week 5

Life is all about ups and downs, where you make mistakes one day and learn and move on after. That has been my experience with life this week , where I make mistakes one day, learn the next day and don’t do the same thing again. I am human I get it but sometimes you […]

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Promises Week 4

Promises are something that people say they do but not always follow through. Politicians for a long time promise a lot and never follow through and over the years a lot of jokes were made about that. Having said that a lot of promises are kept when people usually believe in what they do as […]

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Getting the grip of it

I am starting to rediscover myself through the Master Key. It has been an interesting experience so far, I am doing my best to follow everything to the tee. One of the things I am going to do this time around is to try and take in each day and understand the master key is […]

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Hello, it has been a while!!!!

Hello there, it has certainly been a while. Time goes by pretty fast and anyone who is reading this may be wondering what was I up to. What was I doing the last few months, well many things. That is not important, what is important is did I incorporate anything from the master key since. […]

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